” I know this life isn’t forever, this is the place where I am choosing where I want to go or want to be. Jesus is everything because I’ve got to go through Jesus to go to the father. And I can’t live one day without knowing that there is Jesus in my life. I wouldn’t be able to cope at all. By faith and freedom of choice he means everything. “

Sherry interviews Lucky about her beliefs

What was your earliest memories of God?

I was about 8, my mam took me to church in Exeter. I can see a clock and a sign that says Jesus is Lord. He only talks for an hour, but it feels like hours and hours and hours. I have time to count everyone, look at everybody.

Then he looked at me and said “do you know anything about hell?” I listened, and he told me about Hell. Everyone explained about Hell and the Devil and it scared me. Then he told me about Heaven and I listened and he said Jesus loves you and wants you to go to Heaven. He made me think “yes I want Heaven”, he said who wants to give their heart to Jesus to go to Heaven, and I put my hand up. I said to myself I’m only young, nobody will count me, will he count me? But that’s a different story.

Was God important to your parents?

Yes. He was important enough to take us to church.

Why did you set up your own church?

Because I felt like I can do more. I know Jesus, and I want to share him. I found him, like you found him, and you can’t help but share, you want to read together and be together.

What is your favourite story about God?

In the bible there is a man, I think his name is Israel, and he wrestled with God, but he didn’t know it was God, and he beat him. It reminds me of my life, I want to know Jesus, but mostly I am wrestling with myself.

3 min 40 sec What is your favourite Hymn?

Amazing Grace

Why do you think god is real?

First God will reveal himself you personally, but first you have to seek him, who is this Jesus? All my life, I know he’s been with me. Once I was willing to give my life to him, he revealed himself more and more.

Look at yourself now, God has made you from the inside and outside, you are too amazing for him not to have made you. No-one can prove him but you.

I can tell you what he’s done for me, he’s been there. My baby has just passed away, but he has been there, I know she’s in heaven because I can feel it, 100%. I know from 8 years old that I was going to have Louise like that, with all her problem.

What does Jesus mean in your life?

Everything, because I know this life isn’t forever. I’ve got to go through Jesus to get to the father. By faith and freedom of choice he means everything.