” With Gypsies, if they come as friends, then they are friends. We’ll look after one another. “

Momo and Lucky in conversation

How do you feel when you meet someone new? Think of yourself moving onto a different site.

You feel a bit of shame, but you go and make conversation. You give them a chance and let your children play with their children.

We don’t care who it is, when they come up we try to make friends.

When you are on the road, how do you feel about Gypsies you don’t know?

Embarrassed because we don’t know them. But we say hello, or beep our horn.

If someone is broke down, you stop and help.

If someone needs directions, you show them the way.

You put yourself out to help your own kind.

Gypsy conventions

We don’t know the day when the meeting us on, but people on the road will show you. If you want to get to know Gypsies, go to conventions. It’s a big part of our life.

How does your mam help others?

She’s very kind, she helps anybody. She gives food, clothes, tents, to the homeless, whatever they need.

How do we look after children on our site?

If we notice children are playing by the road, or they’re not playing by their own place we fetch them back, to their mams. We take care of each other’s children. In the older days they weren’t allowed to leave their place or to answer back. It was only when I went to school that I was allowed out.