Gypsy Weddings

” When we have a Gypsy wedding, girls have to choose the songs with meaning to each of their family. They have to have a song to dance with their dad, to dance with their mum and to dance with their husband, they have to have meaningful songs. “

Gypsy Weddings

Prettygirl interviews her aunty Gypsygirl about the music she likes, and Gypsygirl sings a song that is often chosen at Gypsy weddings.

List of Questions

0 seconds What kind of music do you like?

Rebel, country. My favourite singers are Alan Jackson and Elvis Presley

14 seconds What do you know about Traditional Gypsy songs?

At weddings girls choose songs with meaning to dance with their dad, their mum, their husband.

43 seconds. What was the first song you sang?

I was very shy, and embarrassed to sing in front of people, so I asked God to help me with the courage to sing and I sang a Christian song.

1.13 Will you sing us a song?

A rebel song, well known among Gypsies and Travellers. “Sniper’s promise”