Hip Hop Dance

” All my family dance. We were very lucky as all my family were singing, dancing or playing instruments, my family is very musical. I was very lucky that I was allowed to grow up in that type of family because it allowed me to do what I wanted to do which was to dance and have fun and have a good time. “

Owen interviews Toby Gorniak

Toby is a Polish Roma Gypsy, whose family moved to England when he was a teenager due to persecution in Poland.

List of questions

0 sec You know you like dancing. Was there any family members that also liked it?

Yes, all my family dance, sing or play instruments. I was very lucky to grow up in that type of family as it allowed me to do what I wanted to do, which was dance, and have fun.

24 sec How old were you when you got hit by a teacher?

I was little, 7 or 8.

41 sec How old were you when you first done a back flip?


51 sec Why were you angry that your brother did it before you?

We were both working really hard, but because I was the older brother I believed I should have done it first.

1 min 7 sec. When you got hit was there any of your family that stood up for you?

No, I was in a classroom. I told my mum when I got home.

1 min 29 sec Where did the teacher hit you?

In the head.

1 min 31 sec. Did it hurt?

Oh yes! It hurt, and it was a shock.

1 min 41 sec. Did you do anything wrong?


1 min 48sec. So they just hit you because …?

Just because I am a Gypsy. They believe I’m not worth anything, they believe I am dirt, that I am less than they are.

2 min 3 sec. Did you stand up for yourself?

No. I was always taught not to stand up to a woman, never to raise my voice or raise my hand. I was taught, that as a real Gypsy man you never raise your hand to a women. Women are very important in our culture.

I waited until I got home, and I told my mum. It was my mum’s job as a female to argue with another female.