” I used to play with cindy dolls, and I used to play hopscotch and I used to do colour in, skipping “

An interview between an 11 year old Gypsy boy and his Grandmother.

1 sec. What toys did you play with when you were younger?

Cindy dolls, hopscotch, colour in, skipping.

21 sec. What did you do for fun?

I had 3 brothers, who wouldn’t let me go up the road on my own, they had to come with me. So I used to go to the park, with some of my friends, and my brothers had to come with me. And we used to go swimming, and just playing about in the fields.

48 sec. What music did you listen to?

Culture club, Spandax Ballet, UB40 and some Country and Western.

1 min, 6 sec. What School did you go to?

It was called Stopsley High School. When I did go I used to like it. I used to go in the morning, until it was dinner time, get my dinner and then go home, like bunking off. I used to bunk off school.